Customer support policy

Customer support policy

1. Scope of support and handling:

On the system there are many questions in different areas, the CS department must clearly identify the problem of the scope of the processing and follow the full progress.

  • Business Department:

    • Instruct customers to use the product
    • Quotation service products
    • Configure mail accounts, create mail, use mail
    • Account login system of the customer
    • Debt collection, financial invoices, liquidation of contracts
  • Technical Department:

    • Configure hosting, domain
    • Write interface
    • Install services according to agreement and contract
  • Design department:

    • Design upon request
    • Write interface
  • Customer Room:

    • To handle all matters related to disputes, customer satisfaction
    • Contract transfer, contract printing, stamped invoices and other types of documents
    • Check all customer requirements and approve requirements

2. Time to support:

Added support for usage instructions

  • Staff guide: Morning 8h ~ 12h, afternoon 13h30 ~ 16h30
  • Technical assistance:

    • Through the company's management software.
    • Duration of support: 24/24 working days of the week, holidays, New Year only staff processing common.
    • Customer requests a lot of issues: The next issue is processed within 24 hours of the previous issue being processed.
    • Processing time of 1 problem of 1 customer: Maximum 7 days.

3. Responses to customers:

  • Must process the client in the order of the queue in the system.
  • Strictly forbidding the handling of customers.
  • All customer issues must be answered to the customer in writing on the system.
  • It is strictly forbidden to respond and speak to customers.
  • When responding to customers must always start with "Dear customers".
  • When responding to customer emails, it always ends with "Thank you for your interest in our products and services."

4. General provisions:

  • Employees only solve problems within their scope of treatment, absolutely do not handle the problem of employees, other departments.
  • Always have a gentle attitude and cooperation with customers.
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