Company regulations

Company regulations

1. Working time:

  • Working hours are 8 hours a day, Monday through Saturday.
  • Morning: From 8h00 to 12h00
  • Afternoon: From 1h30 to 5h30
  • Any day of duty must be within 15 minutes.

2. Attendance and Attendance:

  • When leaving or entering the company, it is mandatory to use a separate entrance card. Otherwise, that day was not paid.
  • Working overtime according to work needs are paid twice as much as normal hours.
  • After the business hours announced to be considered late, will be deducted twice the normal wage (except time delay).
  • Unannounced leave or unpaid leave without proper reason is considered unpaid leave, with double deductions.
  • After the holiday holidays, additional holidays without reasonable grounds are considered unpaid leave, be deducted twice the salary.

3. Style and costume:

  • General rules:
  • Travel lightly, speak quietly in public, do not speak unaccustomed words to customers, colleagues and superiors.
  • Workers must wear an employee card.
  • For Men:
  • Shirts, crates.
  • Jeans, not jeans. Do not go slippers.
  • For Women:
  • Dress beautiful, discreet, serious.
  • Do not wear underarms, skirts or short sleeves.
  • Do not go slippers.

4. Work order and safety:

  • Do not work alone or in private during business hours, if you leave office for more than 15 minutes, you must notify your immediate supervisor.
  • Only receive guests at designated places or work directly with customers at the desk.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

5. Management & Utilization of Company Assets:

  • Before leaving the workplace, the employees must be neatly arranged, checked, turned off and locked carefully for the machinery and equipment used in the company to save and ensure labor safety.
  • Employees must be honest, honest, creative and always aware of saving and protecting the company's assets.
  • Assets used by the company must be preserved well, if damaged or lost due to irresponsibility, compensation must be made according to the value of the property.
  • Do not bring your company property without the consent of the higher level.
  • It is not allowed to use corporate assets for personal purposes such as calling, mail, chatting, etc.

6. Message means:

  • To be published on the company's staff management website.
  • Information to be communicated in writing will be posted on the bulletin board within the company located in the central area.

7. Discipline:

  • No notice is considered voluntary leave, that month will not be paid.
  • Affecting the Company or affecting the Company's business, shall be subject to indemnification and other forms of disciplinary action.
  • All employees in all departments must comply with the provisions of the company rules. The rules of the company also include: Telephone Regulations, Support Regulations and other Regulations.
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