Employee referral policy

Employee referral policy


1. Introduction:

In the development program, the company will always find for work that you can not work longer and longer. However, the source of the company's recruitment is limited and often cost a lot.

This company will build this policy to the introductor advisers or searching for the potential of the applications that will be working and collaborates long longer with the company ty.

2. Appraisal:

  • Employee only cho phép ứng dụng của ứng dụng, công việc sẽ không sắp xếp và quy tắc.
  • Application and application interviewers, co-workers within 15 days: 300,000 VND bonus for business placement, 500,000 VND for indirect activities.
  • Application is 3 months, reward as follows:

    • Application of indirect employment: bonus for recruiting 20% of salary of candidates when recruiting. (1 time only)
    • Candidates who work for the sales department, new entrants will manage the manager, the bonus for the manager is 5% commission from the business of the sales staff (monthly). If the introductive people are not a personal worker, the bonus is a 30% salary month of the job. (1 unique only)

3. Scope of application:

All employees are working for the company.

In case of job introduction before the candidate is working in March, the referrer is not entitled to the bonus after 3 months of work.

By: itc